Workshop : Environmental Health Disasters - Risk Analysis and Planning

Venue: National Institute of Disaster Management, New Delhi
24-25 September 2014                             Download Brochure

Background :
Disasters whether natural or technological, pose risks to public health. The key environmental health issues and challenges include food safety, water quality, wastewater disposal, shelter assessment/sanitation, vector control/pest management, responder safety, building assessment and management of municipal solid waste and hazardous waste materials. Good environmental health disaster management has a significant role in addressing the impact of disasters on environmental health infrastructure and consequently the public.

This includes protecting and mitigating risks to systems required for general health and wellbeing, such as water supply, food safety, sewerage, waste management and stormwater. Disaster management must include the environmental health risk analysis and planning which is not the case currently where more focused is on during and post disaster rescue operation.

Objectives of the Workshop :
> Give an overview of the Disaster and Health linkages and how disaster risk management is interlinked with Environmental Health Issues.

> Demonstrate the relevance of environmental health infrastructure and practices and its linkages with disaster risk management.

> Environmental Health Risk Assessment and planning of mitigation strategies in the pre, during and post disaster phases

> Introducing to Environmental Health Concerns of Disaster Responders and precautions

Tentative Technical Sessions
1. Disaster Management and Environmental Health

2. Environmental Health and Key Issues (Sectors of Intervention)
    • Drinking Water
    • Food Safety
    • Waste Management (Water)
    • Solid Waste and Hazardous Materials
    • Vector Control
    • Shelters
    • Building Assessments including critical infrastructure

3. Responder Safety