Barry Kistnasamy
Barry Kistnasamy is a medical doctor with additional training in public health, occupational and environmental health. He has 25 years experience in health policy, health planning and management in the public, non-governmental and private health sectors as well as the provision of occupational health, HIV/AIDS and TB interventions in South Africa.

He has worked with the World Health Organisation, International Labour Organisation and World Bank, served on many national and international boards, committees and commissions. He served in the Department of Defence during the integration of the armed forces, was the Deputy Director-General and Head of Health, Welfare and Environment in the Northern Cape province during the first term of the democratic government and was the former Dean of the Nelson Mandela School of Medicine in Durban.

He is the Executive Director of the National Institute for Occupational Health and the National Cancer Registry as well as Compensation Commissioner for Occupational Diseases covering compensation for occupational diseases in the mines and works sector in South Africa and reports to the Minister of Health.

Ms. Inakshi Naik
Ms. Naik works at the National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) in Johannesburg, South Africa and is the Head of the Occupational Health and safety (OHS) Training Department since 2012. She retired in 2011 after serving as a Head of the Analytical Services at NIOH for 12 years. She has a Masters degree in Physiology, Diploma in Occupational Health and Diplomas in Medical Technology.

She was actively involved in developing analytical capacity in environmental and biological monitoring in occupational and environmental health in South Africa to service academic institutes and public as well as private sectors of the industries. This was achieved through establishing internationally recognized, ISO Code 15189 accredited laboratories providing analyses in toxic substances namely metals organic compounds including pesticides monitoring.

In her current position she is involved in developing capacity in occupational health through training under and post graduate occupational health professionals within the private and public sectors in South Africa. She develops training materials and conducts courses, workshops and seminars in topics such as fundamentals in occupational hygiene, recognition of occupational exposure related diseases, management of chemicals exposures in the workplace, South African Acts and legislations related to occupational health and safety etc. She has also published in many peer reviewed journals research related to chemical exposures in occupational health.

Tor Erik Danielsen
HOD Environmental and Occupational medicine, Oslo University Hospital
Tor Erik is Medical graduate from University of Oslo, and Approved specialist in Occupational Medicine. He was the Member of the specialty committee of Occupational Medicine in Norway for 10 yrs, Board member Norwegian Indoor Environment Organization (NIO).

Currently he is Member of the National Board for Occupational Medicine, Member of Norwegian Reference Group for National strategy for prevention and treatment of asthma and allergic diseases, Member of the Reference Group for the National Institute of Occupational Health and Norwegian representative in UEMS (European Association of Medical Specialities) for Occupational medicine.

Mahinda Seneviratne
Mahinda Seneviratne is chief specialist inspector in hygiene & toxicology at Australia’s largest OHS regulatory agency.

He has over 20 years’ experience in OHS that includes research in occupational medicine at the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (WorkSafe Australia), consulting services for various industry, trade union and community sectors and in applying occupational hygiene forensics to workplace incident investigations.

Mahinda is a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH) of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene and has Masters Degrees in OHS and in science and technology policy from the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

Mahinda is an Executive Member of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) Scientific Committee on OHS in SME and the Informal Sectors. He has a keen interest in developing OHS capability in these sectors in emerging economies.