Occupational Health & Safety Management Consultancy Services (OHS-MCS)

Established in 2003, Occupational Health and Safety Management Consultancy Services is the leading Occupational Health Service provider in India. Pioneer research works, International training programs and services across the panorama of government institutions, industries, civil societies, academic institutions, informal sector, service sectors and to many other patrons stands for the advocacy of our vision to provide comprehensive & quality environmental and occupational health, safety and hygiene services and solutions.

The team at OHS-MCS is known for its academic brilliance and achievements in providing the multitude of services including medical surveillance programs, industrial hygiene services, education and training, regulatory compliance, audits, disaster preparedness, environmental impact assessments etc. that has helped the stakeholders to achieve the desired standards of health and safety at workplace and thereby improving the lives of thousands of people. OHS-MCS bequeath to augment its efforts to improve the Occupational and Environmental Health globally.

For more information about OHS-MCS, kindly go to www.ohs-mcs.org