The theme of the ICOEH 2013 is 'International Collaboration and Capacity Building' and is based on the deliberation that there is a need for enhanced International participation to know and mitigate the gaps in the academia (e.g. research and training), profession (e.g. medical, safety, industrial hygiene, engineering), regulators and service providers and to build the contemporary capacity of all the stakeholder. The aim of this conference is to provide the stepping stone in reducing the disparities among the developed nations who have taken care of many of the Occupational and Environmental Health issues and the developing countries like India, where much is yet required to be done.

This conference will be the appropriate platform to deal with the following topics sketched for the two days of the conference:
• Epidemiology of Occupational and Environmental Conditions and Diseases
• Technology and Infrastructure for Assessment and Diagnosis of Diseases
• Technology and Infrastructure for Health Hazards / Risk Assessment and Management
• Preventive and Promotive Methodologies in Occupational Health
• Polices, Legal Framework and Standard Operating Procedures
• Occupational Health in Informal sector

Panel Discussion:
Prioritizing opportunities for International collaboration & Capacity Building

Pre-conference workshops:
The conference is hinged by two pre-conference workshops, which will be rewarding to the participants for the topics covered, and the contents delivered by the International faculties.

1. STOFFENMANAGER: Management of Chemical Exposures, Simple and Cost Effective Solutions (By NIOH, South African Faculty)

2. On-site, Off-site Disaster Preparedness (By First Response, Australian Faculty and National Institute of Disaster Management, India)