Chairman, Organizing Committee Dr. G K Ingle 

Dr. G K Ingle, MBBS, MD, FIPHA, FIAPSM, working as Director Professor and head of department of Community Medicine, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He has more than 30 years of teaching and research experience with publications of many books and scientific papers. He is holding many administrative post at the college level and actively involved in students welfare. He is recipient of many awards and fellowships.  






Organizing Committee
Anthony Arrons

Anthony is working as Executive Manager, LJM, Australia. He has over 20 years’ experience in behaviour change, communication and leadership development. He has been a coach, mentor and facilitator at C suite level to numerous national and international firms. In addition between 2004 and 2010 he founded and managed UK Stone Ltd, one of the UK’s most respected commercial stone production and installation companies. More recently Anthony has worked extensively in the area of Risk and Strategy for a number of high profile Energy, Resource and Mining organisations. Working with the senior leadership to create robust safety strategies by analysing their exposure to critical operational risk. Most recently Anthony has been working with an Energy companies’ senior leadership teams to design and implement strategic risk management processes to support combined work forces of over 10,000. Anthony has also helped develop and deliver the strategic safety plan for one of world’s largest diamond mines including aspects of Safety Leadership and Incident Management. In 2004 Anthony was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce.

Chairman, Scientific Committee Dr. Jugal Kishore

Dr. Jugal Kishore, MBBS, MD, PGDCHFWM, PGDEE, MSc., FIAPSM, FIPHA, FAMS, Professor in the department of Community Medicine, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He is Director (Hony): Center for Inquiry (India) and advisory member of International Mental Health Collaboration Network (IMHCN). He is president (Hony) of Kishore Foundations, Sabasva Foundation. He is editor (Hony) of Journal of Nursing Science and Practice, Research Review: Journal of Health Professions, Journal of Energy, Environment and Carbon Credit, Journal of Medicine. He is author of more than 20 books and 100 scientific papers. His captivating interests are occupational & environmental health, mental health, and epidemiology.

Scientific Committee
Ms. Inakshi Naik

Ms Naik works at the National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) in Johannesburg, South Africa and is the head of the Training Department since 2012. She retired in 2011 after serving as a head of the Analytical Services for 12 years. She has a Masters degree in Physiology, Diploma in Occupational Health and Diplomas in Medical Technology.

She was actively involved in developing analytical capacity in environmental and biological monitoring in occupational and environmental health in South Africa to service academic institutes and public as well as private sectors of the industries. This was achieved through establishing internationally recognized, ISO Code 15189 and 17025 accredited laboratories providing analyses in toxic substances namely metals organic compounds including pesticides and PCB monitoring. In her current position she is involved in developing capacity in occupational health through training under and post graduate occupational health profe    ssionals within the private and public sectors in South Africa.

Organizing Secretary
Dr. Ashish Mittal

Dr. Ashish Mittal, MBBS, AFIH, MBA, DHHM, LLB is the founder CEO of Occupational Health & Safety Management Consultancy Services. A Graduate in Medicine, he got his training in Industrial Health from Central Labour Institute, Bombay and is a certified Occupational Health Physician and Lead auditor of OSHAS. He is President of ITSOM (In The Service of Mankind). He has worked extensively with the informal sector, micro and small scale enterprises and manufacturing industry. He is the International trainer for the Managerial level courses on Occupational Health and Safety. He has presented his work at numerous National and International forums and is the author of a publication “Hole to Hell”, and co-producer of a documentary “Narak Ki Rozi” presenting the plight of sewage workers.